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Lake Heraion - Vouliagmeni and Melagavi Lighthouse

Only 20 minutes from the city. An area with an important archaeological site, the dominant Temple of Hera. There is also a Lighthouse that illuminates the ships that sail in the Corinthian Gulf. A region that knows how to create myths, unite imagination with reality, the absoluteness of nature with the contemporary world, the past with the present. The Lake has cool clear waters, restaurants, beautiful beaches etc. There, you'll also find our own Bay Mantas.

lake vouliagmeniheraion lighthouse

Capital of the County, where you will find many shops in the pedestrian area of the city for shopping and anything that accompanies a big city. Just outside the city of Corinth you will even find the new Mall.


A great archaeological site just 20 minutes from the city. Visit ancient Corinth, an area that was considered the richest city in ancient Greece.

ancient corinth templeancient corinth
Corinth Canal and the ancient Diolkos

Just out of town! A project that had greatly concerned the ancient world. The channel joins the Corinthian and Saronic Gulf, assisting ships to avoid the circumnavigation of the Peloponnese. Separating the Peloponnese from mainland Greece, the Corinth Canal is a place where thousands of tourists gather every day. Visitors can get involved with many activities, including bungee jumping or sailing through the Canal (contact the reception for information). The paved road that was constructed in the 6th century B.C. and was used for transporting ships from one side of the sea to the other, was named Diolkos and is a historic point in the region of great importance.

corinth canaldiolkos animation

40 minutes from Loutraki! A treasure trove of culture and history. A proof of the great achievements of the ancient Greeks. A place that until today is a centre of culture, with performances that take place throughout the summer.


70 minutes from the city, you will find the archaeological site of a great civilization.

ancient theatre of Epidavrosancient Mycenae sight


The country's landmark. In the capital city of Athens, 50 minutes from Loutraki. You could easily visit the Acropolis and the new modern Museum, if you’re based in the city of Loutraki.

view of the Parthenonacropolis and the parthenon

Aegina - Poros - Hydra

Thanks to our Group's travel agency we can offer you something more special ... did you ever think that you could take a small cruise to 3 Islands in only one day on a friendly ship with delicious food buffet and then return to our hotel? You can visit the island of Hydra, Poros and Aegina and then return to your hotel in Loutraki, in a unique one-day experience!

the island of Porosthe island of Hydra


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