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The beloved city of gods and humans
over the centuries ...!

Loutraki, known in antiquity, by the name “Therme”, for its miraculous fountains, had already created a myth around its name. The story says that it was the beloved city of the gods, remarkable for its beauty and its clear therapeutic waters. Even Artemis, the goddess of nature, was a strong protector of the city!

Who can have any doubt about the gods’ preference? Loutraki still retains its permanent beauty and special characteristics. It features landscapes, that seem to have sprung from a painting. The beauty of nature that everyone can admire. It is very easy to discover this city and its beauty, if you’re an enthusiastic traveler!!

Loutraki is known for its beach, a 4 km coastline (from the Canal up to the Seaside Park), which for years has the blue flag, a sample of the purity of its waters.

waterfalls in loutraki

The city is known even why hosts for years the Loutraki Casino, which is one of the best casinos in Europe. Even if you're not fond of the Casino, it offers a luxury experience

loutraki spa facilitieswater baths

hotel casino loutraki

The thermal waters, known since antiquity for their therapeutic qualities, a god’s gift for the city, which in combination with the new Spa, offer every visitor a unique experience whether it is for healing or pure relaxation.

And of course the drinking, mineral, now famous, water of Loutraki. The source of life!
But there is more to this city…

It is suitable for all seasons of the year, as it combines the two extremes, a mountain which slowly goes out towards the sea.


view of the city of Loutraki

A city for everyone...!!

The city can accommodate people who admire the cosmopolitan life, as Loutraki was among the first cosmopolitan places, reference point for scholar and powerful people, and still retains the cosmopolitan atmosphere! It offers an everyday lifestyle different than others with the beach and beach bars that promise unforgettable parties.

The renowned photographer Aris Kalogeropoulos, in the campaign that was particularly known in Germany titled “MEET THE WORLD IN GREECE”, compared Loutraki to the city of Brazil!! The city may also surprise all of those who are seeking for alternative tourism, that want to discover something new ever. For them the city reserves big surprises, showcasing the city’s main asset, beautiful beaches, breath-taking landscapes, simple, natural and above all impressive. It offers countless activities, especially for the adventurous! Gliding, bungee jumping, surfing, diving etc. The area is considered one of the most affluent places of the area, with rich, varied coastlines and beautiful beaches.

surfing at loutraki beachkite surfing at loutraki beach

meet the world in Greece

Here, you never get bored...!!

Loutraki is close to everything..!! Staying here, you can easily spend relaxing moments, like being on an island but at the same time, so close to the heart of the country.

Distances :
• 50 minutes from Athens and 65 minutes from the El. Venizelos International Airport
• 2 hours from the main port of Greece, Patras
• 10 minutes from the Suburban Railway (a 70 minute travel to the airport)
• 5 minutes from Corinth
• 20 minutes from Lake Heraion
• 15-20 minutes from all the beaches around the area (organized with sun beds or not)

view of loutraki waterfalls

Magical landscapes, unique natural beaches, away from the noise, the crowds and the "organization" of the city. Crystal clear waters that you rarely experience...

And all of this so close to you! Some of these beaches are just 5, 10 or 15 minutes from Loutraki, others up to 30 minutes! The only thing you have to do is relax and give in to the beauties of the area! Just enjoy it!!

Discover the different sides of a special city!

loutraki beach
panoramic city view


Hotel Mantas
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Mantas Seaside Boutique Hotel
11 Damaskinou Str.
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Mantas Bay Apartments
Vouliagmeni Lake
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Central Hotel
35 El. Venizelou Str.

GR 203 00, Loutraki
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